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Does Vue JS make any sense in 2019?

2019-06-15 Davide Pugliesejavascript

Vue JS is a framework that helps with the development of Single Page applications. It natively supports elements of Angular syntax along with a few architectural ideas of its own (event binding, two-way data binding, etc) as well as React ones (JSX, functional components, etc.)

Some time ago it had the advantage to perform better, however this advantage has been tightening over the time because its competitors have not been lagging behind pushing new features: Angular has come out with Ivy (a new rendering engine), React brought suspense and memo for caching and Javascript itself introduce code splitting syntax. Vue Js was supposed to reach version 3 this year with a beta release scheduled for the first quarter in its official roadmap. However, nothing of all of that has happened so far: this should make think carefully those willing in to implement it in production since not having a big corporation behind makes VueJS a potential hazard. In fact should the team break up, should they decide to abandon the project you will end up rewriting your whole application again to have the support that you may need in terms of bug fixes, security updates, etc.